Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dare to Dream

Some of you will have seen this woman. I think it is pretty well all over the media at this point, but for those of you who may not follow Idol shows or their ilk, I thought you might enjoy this fantastic feel good story. As I've been working on this post, I've been so happily smiling and cheering her on. I just want everyone to feel the joy today, wherever you are.

At the outset of this video, I was as skeptical as everyone else was. When she hits the high note, I too JUMPED from my chair. I feel so much happiness for this woman, and this just makes me beam.

Have you ever seen Simon Cowell smile like this??????

Susan Boyle- Britain's Got Talent 2009

The Professor has been taken in by 'American Idol'. I hoot and holler for Adam Lambert, and we are fascinated by Simon Cowell. This is just a total smile for you today. There is so much bad news lately, that I think we could all use a little hopefulness. Dream big!

Credit: Toronto Star


  1. I just so cried! I saw snippets on the news but it was great to see the entire performance.

  2. I am so moved!!!! That's a keeper. Whenever I need inspiration that video will do it.
    Thanks ever so, for that.

  3. I was with some friends this morning and we wre talking about this amazing woman. I had not yet heard her so I was thrilled when I tuned into your blog Leslie and saw that she was your feature of the day. She is fantastic and watching Simon smile throughout her performance was very entertaining. Has Simon given her a record deal?

  4. i love this one, it reminds me of last years winner, paul potts!
    and look at him now

  5. A wonderful performance, and such a moving song. Hurray for Susan, what a gift she has - she made Simon smile, which he NEVER does on AI! Thanks, Leslie - so very glad we could visit during your trip!!


  6. Yeap,I saw Susan yesterday through mails I received and also many times on TV. She was being interviewed today and already looked different from yesterday. What an amusing performance! So happy and proud for her!

  7. I saw her performance on BBC news. It was so interesting to see the judges reaction to her as she came out onto the stage and then when she opened her mouth to utter the first note. How sad that we invariably judge a book by its cover instead of waiting to read through the pages. I hope she goes on to a successful career.
    I wonder if there is something in the water in the UK. They seem to produce quite a few good singers.

  8. Susan Boyle is just amazing. I was mesmerized by this video. It makes you realize that nobody has a best by date. Thanks for posting this.