Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitting for chickens

As I was perusing various knitting sites, I came across an interesting phenomenon that I had not heard of and all of a sudden the flood gates burst.

Not only do I now know about it, but I also may end up knitting for chickens! As fate would have it, Miss Kate is now an urban farmer in London, England. She has two "rescued" battery chickens (yet to be named) and one egg has been produced.

Lady Number 1.

Lady Number 2.

This ought to fit!

Appropriately Fox-Proofed

The first EGG

The Girls frolicking in the garden

This is the good news. These two ladies will now be looked after and tended to. I suggested naming them after Canadian (Kate) or Australian (Mick) Suffragettes. My personal favourites are: Nellie , Millicent and Bessie

The following YouTube is the reason that this rescue is necessary.
This is very difficult to watch, but necessary to know. Now I understand why people are so insistent on "free range".

This is the blog where I first heard about the idea of knitting for these rescued featherless creatures. grrl+dog What an amazing project! Bravo to Kate and Mick for undertaking this new endeavor.

Credits: Kate Slater-Vance and Mick Vance


  1. I can't wait to see your knittings for Millie and Bessie (although I was hoping one would be named Pecker...). My friend Thomas embarked on a similar adventure as K&M and has kept a blog for just over a year about urban chickens, check it out:

  2. Hey Aly! Thanks for the link. Kate tells me she's waiting till next winter for scarves for "the ladies". The Professor thinks I should knit a sheep's outfit for the fox just to be fair!