Monday, April 20, 2009

My Latest Gadget

Last week, The Professor and I did a road trip to Washington, DC.

Prior to leaving there is always the flurry of packing and rounding up all the cords that go along with the now de rigueur, "techy" bits we carry. You have to have all your chargers for cameras, cell phones, lap tops, iPods, Palm Pilots. I had been considering one more piece of equipment to enhance our journey and I'm really glad I did. A while back, on a trip into the city one evening, a friend demonstrated his Belkin TuneCast and I was smitten.

Belkin TuneCast Auto

This is the new TuneCast Auto from Belkin that transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM stations from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz. This new accessory is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, and the new iPhone 3G. It has been labeled with Apple’s “Works with iPhone” certification for compatibility purposes. The Belkin TuneCast Auto retails for $80. [Belkin]
You ram and I mean ram the round connector into your whatever they call the old cigarette lighter now....auxillary outlet? You connect your iPod to the other connector, tune to the station that reads out on the display, and *"VIOLA" [sic]..
"Bob's your Uncle"! We managed to make it all the way to and from DC without ever hearing the same song twice, unless I wished to. Luckily for me, The Professor doesn't whine about my musical selections. He actually learns something every outing :) Now that he considers himself a "dancer" he will be needing to keep up with the latest and greatest, hence the rationale for yet another bunch of cord.

I love Katie Melua (her upcoming Toronto performance is sold out, except for obstructed view seats, but she will be at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA in May...perhaps I should go back!!) and was delighted to see that Karen had it on her blog as well in accompaniment to her tulip slide show. This is a nice thing to look at today. It is pouring with rain, but look what we'll be enjoying soon...March winds, April showers, bring forth MAY flowers.......

I highly recommend this gadget. It works best on the highway in remote parts, away from highly transmitting areas. These days it's hard to find a clear FM station to tune in to. I'm not sure that The Professor really, totally got the entire ramification of my purchase. The latest, updated version of this device is also
compatible with the new iPhone!!! Hint Hint.

*VIOLA......... This was printed in a painting instruction book. When our group discovered the unique interpretation we all started to use it. It made us laugh every time, and I can't stop using it.

for those of you who are still saying..."What is that [sic] thing"?

Compliments of Wikipedia
Sic is a Latin word meaning "thus", "so", "as such", or "in such a manner". In writing, it is placed within square brackets and usually italicized – [sic] – to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation, and/or other preceding quoted material has been reproduced verbatim from the quoted original and is not a transcription error.[1]

It had a long vowel in Latin (sīc), meaning that it was pronounced like the English word "seek" (IPA /'sik/); however, it is normally anglicised to /'sɪk/ (like the English word "sick").

It will be most interesting to have three different iPods on the next road trip. My guess is there will be a lot of jockeying for the front seat!


  1. Got it, Love, especially on long trip when you have an audio book. Go to

  2. I don't think these devices are needed anymore. The generic radio that came with my 2006 Saturn has an input jack. All I had to do was get a cable that goes from the earphone jack of any device to the radio. I've used FM transmitters in the past and found, as you did, that sometimes there is interference from local stations.

  3. Anonymous said...
    I don't think these devices are needed anymore. The generic radio that came with my 2006 Saturn has an input jack.True enough, but my car is older and does not have the newer device. Ditto The Professor's car which is our traveling van. I look forward to this new update for my own vehicle this summer, but another three years in the van.....I amortized the value. Worth it.