Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is but one of the reasons why the chubby girl is still working on the challenge. These little Portuguese lovelies were introduced to me by a friend, and now that I know what they are, they bring them into Longo's!!! YIKES. If you love crème brûlée you are in for a treat with these little hummers. I can guarantee you will hum when you eat one...no...you can't eat just one.........

“Flaky puff pastry shell with a special custard type crème brûlée filling”

Natas Pastries read all about it, but if you are not in California, then go to Longo's and enjoy!


  1. hey there.....I spied them on sunday when I was in there picking up a few things......ryan and erika were coming for dinner and I usually have dessert for them......I settled on some raspberry turnovers,but I do remember those little babies calling to me from the cooler!!!!!!!!!! delicious......see ya......linda k

  2. They are called pasteis natas and are protugese pastried with custard and they are the best!!!!

  3. I personally don't like them. So I'll lose those pounds you pick up. Give me the creme brule anytime. I will be making it on Friday, now that you suggested it, or maybe Saturday after I weigh in.

  4. They remind me of the custard tarts that Jean and Lionel eat on "As Time Goes By" -