Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today I'm off to the Opera. "La Sonnambula" by Bellini. Another Metropolitan Opera performance. I don't have to go to New York, I don't have to get dressed up, and this time, since I'm going with ladies, I can pack my lunch and don't have to endure the movie food that The Professor insists upon as a condition of his attendance at such events. You'll recall that the last one we saw was the ballet, which I might add there is another of next week, but this is exam time and it's pretty frantic around here, so I won't push my luck at trying to inveigle him to accompany me. Some of the women from my gym are attending and I'll join them.
Come along or catch it in your area

You don't have to buy tickets in advance. Just like the movies, show up and take your seat. It's never terribly crowded, and this is an "encore" performance.

Met High Definition Performances

The Metropolitan Opera Movie Experience

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