Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Hopping

I've been in a muddle the past few days. When I get in a muddle, I can spend endless hours clicking back and forth on blogs and get totally lost. That's a good thing when you're in a muddle.

The other day, the trail started with Nancy

I love looking at everything Nancy does. She's such a spitfire and full of creative energy. I always hope that by looking at her work, I'll be hit by a spark and set alight.

Nancy's post led me to Catherine

Nancy and Catherine play together and make astounding books.

Catherine's post on Jill Badonsky and in particular Jill's post on grieving, had me hooked.

I immediately signed on [I wish I could make a website like this] and today Jill's two books arrived at the door via Amazon.com. The Professor is home today and we are working across from each other on our computers in the office. Even he found these books amusing and creatively exciting. That's a pretty broad reach for a skeptic!

This is exactly what I need. So thanks, Nancy, Catherine, Jill....I'm so into reinventing myself these days and this is fabulous material to kick start and renew the creativity.

My spontaneous act for today is prompted by an old pattern I came across from a Martha Stewart magazine for making a sewing kit in a jar...Nov. 01. This might be just the right thing for an artistic outlet.


  1. A sewing kit in a jar....that is SO what I need to create! Your post has inspired me to make one; it's a perfect use for one of my old mason jars.

    (I just love the word verifications sometimes .... my "WORD" is retrism; a society where everything is retro ..... ??)

  2. i just love the blog world!
    yours has led ME to so many interesting places! i'm glad you find mine as inspiring!

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....sewing kit in a jar......it ain't gonna happen,but thanks for the thought....linda k

  4. I'd have to have quite a few jars. But, it would be a great little gift for a student moving away from home, if they knew how to sew on a button, or something...
    P.S. I thought I reinspired you on Sunday.

  5. Irenka said.."I thought I reinspired you on Sunday."

    You certainly did! ...but that's a whole "n'other" story :)

  6. As a person who loves to sew this interesting craft looks good. Thanks for sharing.