Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Cupcake Story

Friday in New York and it's Susy's Birthday! What better reason to walk to Rockefeller Center and get a dozen cupcakes ?

There are plenty of young staff whipping out the cakes and icing continually

Oh my gosh! You are only allowed a dozen cupcakes per person and the gentleman in front of me looks like he might take them all!

Whew........ just enough left...not to worry they are coming to the case as fast as they are going out

So you've walked miles and miles and it's four o'clock on your birthday and you are at a fountain by Radio City Music Hall ....what a place to eat cake!!!

Happy Birthday one knows your real age, but glad to see that you can still manage a quarter of a dozen cupcakes on Your Day!

This may have been one of the highlights of my trip to NYC. I have heard so much about Magnolia, and being an expert in all things cake, I have to say I'd go back to New York just for these. Don't listen to any other reports about the quantity or quality of the icing, density of the cake etc. This is IT! THE BEST. Make sure you take all of your friends with you, because, as I stated, only one dozen per person. Luckily the doors in the shop are situated in and out for maximum customer flow, and they are so busy, that I'm sure they would not notice if you went around and around handing off the boxes out the back door. Worth a try.

[Yes Indira, I had the vanilla one with the pink icing...when are we going??]


  1. We really blew it, didn't we? There were four of us and we could have bought 48 cupcakes!

    (It might have taken us a few extra minutes to finish them.)

  2. You will be officially our Cup Cake Lady.

  3. Did you say matching kids and dollsMay 20, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    While the cupcakes were lovely, the highlight of the day was capitalism in the form of that doll store. For an extra $15 you can get your doll equipped with an outfit, a backpack and a CELL PHONE! We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

  4. Those wre by far the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. I am glad that you know your cake Leslie and took us to Magnolia Bakery on my Birthday. I will never forget that and so many other things about our fabulous trip together . Thank you for being my truly wonderful and amazing friend.

  5. I am so jealous. You know that I think anything cake should be a requirement on the food guide. "Let them eat cake!" We had the right idea at Linda's today.

  6. I'm SO jealous!!! I think I may need to make a trip down to NYC just to have one of those.

    Maybe we should inquire about whether Magnolia would like us to open a Toronto franchise...

  7. Thanks for that on the spot report about this famous shop - looks like you're all having such a blast! Speaking of Tinsel Trading...did ya see that Martha has a new book out on cupcakes?? Take care!