Friday, May 15, 2009

FAO - down by The Plaza

No wonder Eloise was so happy to live at The Plaza, she could run right across the street to FAO Schwartz! I love this guy. His mother is really disappointed that he went to school for music and ended up here. Next to the Statue of Liberty, he may well be the most photographed figure in New York.

These are the newborn baby dolls in the FAO "nursery". They have a very cute nurse! She periodically bundles them up and takes them from one floor to another. They seem to enjoy the ride on the escalator, or perhaps they are going to visit the Eloise dolls on the second floor who have their own little boutique. They all look so happy!

It's a blurry picture because everything was moving quickly. A new batch of babies is arriving with the cute nurses! This is all just too hilarious.

If I lived in The Plaza, I'd be over there every day too!

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