Thursday, May 21, 2009

More NY

I love this painting on a wall in New York City. Click on it to see fully.

I hate "American Idol" and I'm not going to watch it ever again. I think I also hate "Dancing With The Stars"...not sure about ever watching it again either. I did, however, finish my afghan. All that work and both my faves lost, as well as Izzie and George dying. Good grief. What a way to end a season. I will be watching out for Adam and Gilles. I'm sure they'll do better than anyone who 'won'. What's that all about!???


  1. all that passion worked into a little crochet.

  2. I was -- am -- a huge Adam Lambert fan and would willingly pay big bucks to see him in concert. His version of Mad World is the only Idol song I bought at the iTunes Store. I predict he has a very bright future and NOT winning may even open up more opportunities for him. I had an inkling that might happen, not winning I mean, as I wondered if the Danny Gokey fans would just not vote, vote for Adam, or vote for Kris.

    At least you have a "souvenir" of this season's tv episodes!

  3. As we were driving home from the pub last night we turned on the radio and the first thing we heard was that Adam lost. I was shocked and so annoyed. He will definitely do well anyway.
    I was also very unhappy with Dancing With The Stars and am so sad about Izzie and George. What a way to end the season.

  4. My heart was on Gilles to win for Dancing with the Stars. I was totally disappointed that Shawn won. Huge mistake!!!

  5. I'm so disappointed that both Gilles AND Adam came in second. I was kind of expecting it with Adam because I thought the Danny fans might turn to Kris. But Gilles? To Shawn Johnson??? Still can't believe that. Like you, I'm not sure whether or not I'll be watching either of those shows again.

  6. I too was disappointed with the results of both shows but I have to say that the American Idol finale was spectacular anyway. Imagine seeing Kiss perform again after all this time. Too cool. Adam is an incredible, talented entertainer and will surely do well anyway. As far as poor Gilles, he had to have surgery to his shoulder right after Dancing ended. Poor guy, not only did he not win but he sustained an injury. There is rumour, however, that he will be joining the cast of "Brothers and Sisters" in the fall. Can't wait!