Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Lost Relatives

For some time now I have been the keeper of the family photos. Before he passed away, my Dad and I made a wonderful historically correct album of his side of the clan. The "antique family" as I call them. There remained three velvet photo albums (treasures unto themselves) whose contents no one seemed to be able to identify. I made a trek up to the Lanark Highlands over part of the long weekend to visit with cousins and do some investigative work. One of the most interesting days was spent with my Father's aunt Jean. Jean is now 99 years of age and will be 100 in February. She plans on spending the summer all alone as she has done for so many years at her cottage. I hope I have at least some of her genetic makeup.

Jean was also unable to identify any of the pictures in the three albums. So now, with the blessing of the last living relative that would be able to identify the photos, at long last I can let it go and just enjoy the possibilities of who these "characters" in my family actually were. My imagination runs wild with stories about their lives and adventures.

How could you not smile when you see this relative. There must be a story here!
Trust me, there will be. I've always been credited with being a story teller, mostly in the very unattractive sense of having had an overly active imagination. Maybe this is my calling. The wild child, inventing family lore!

If nothing else, those leg of mutton sleeves and that porcine gaze could conjure up a very hilarious story.

This guy makes me think there may have been mayhem in the family. A bit of a Dickensian convict cum good guy theme here?

This rather "interesting" picture just makes me laugh. Equine features for sure, and there is a Rodger resemblance. The hat is pretty phenomenal. The look??????
I would have sworn it was a joke, a man dressed as a women...but she reappears in many other photos as well, always clad in massive hats. That may be what she's hiding under, trying to bring out her feminine side.

I have just scanned all of these errant photos into the computer. Some day, I will get at them to fix them up and hopefully learn some creative artistic techniques where they will be once again the 'focal' point as opposed to being left moldering in the old albums, forgotten and unnamed. They were a sturdy lot for sure. To survive long enough to have your picture taken in the conditions that they faced in rocky rural Ontario, is true pioneer spirit.


  1. I know, I know, what can you say....after all these people may be related to me!!! I think it's hilarious. By total coincidence, Lennie alerted me to Inspire Me ThursdaySome weird sort of Karma going on here. I'll be happy to let you adopt any of my quirky relatives, any time.

  2. thanks for the "inspire me Thursday" alert. I too have a was of photo's I don't know who they are. I love all those relatives. Please burn me a copy of your folks. I love the costume design aspect.

  3. O.k. my spelling sucks. should read I too have a wad of photos.

  4. Okay, I borrowed your relatives. Check my blog :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing your great pictures of unknown relatives. I too have a folder which I call the who is it folder. I love old pictures and wish everyone scrapbooked or wrote somewhere on these pictures from the past.

  6. You're definitely not related to any of these people. I can tell that they just don't laugh, ever. Your laughter is spontaneous and frequent and fills a room with hilarity. And you're just not a hat person!