Friday, May 22, 2009

Subway Mosaic Art Tiles

I don't like taking subways. In a new city, I much prefer to travel above ground in order to see the sights. On a few occasions in New York, it was just so much more sensible taking the subway. I was totally surprised. This may be one of the areas in which New York has changed most radically. These subway tiles are gleaming white. Not all stations are as good as this one, but this is better than the average station in Toronto.

The last one is my favourite. When I stopped to take this picture, many people were curious enough to stop and look ....apparently for the first time. Who knew this was on the floor?

Now I'm going to have to take a mosaic class.


  1. Yes we are going to take a mosaic class, and upholstery in the fall, pencil us in, not too much exercise. You know how we are clearing stuff all the time, well they had an accident at the home the other day and it seems a whole table of china cups got smashed, boy was I dying to collect them for a practice session, in mosaic.

  2. What a fabulous subway station. For some reason it makes me think of Pompeii.