Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunday Afternoon in New York

Sunday in New York was a fabulous day. It was sunny and just warm enough to not need a coat. For Susy and I, the day started with a fabulous tour of the Frick Gallery on Fifth Avenue. The Professor and Elliot went to the other side of the park and into the Museum of Natural History, where they apparently got quite literally "into" the butterfly exhibit!

We had tickets for a matinee to "Exit the King". Geoffrey Rush, Susan Sarandon, Andrea Martin, Lauren Ambrose, William Sadler, Brian Hutchison. Only these 6 actors were in the play.

There's just 'something' about Broadway

Geoffrey Rush is sure to win an award for his performance.

How can you beat seeing Susan Sarandon

The Barrymore Theatre just makes me think about the entire Barrymore acting dynasty. It's quaint and comfortable and intimate - with good leg room!!!


  1. I like that guy. I first saw him in the taylor of Panama, I immediately disliked Bierce Bronsnan, not that I liked him much before that. But this clinched it for me. My guys were watching with me, and said I know mom you're going to say with all that money you'd think he'd get a nose job. Well look at Donald Trump with all that money he should get some hair. Anyway he's a great actor. I do hope he wins an award.

  2. That was such a perfect and glorious day in New York.From morning to night it was wondreful. Leslie your pictures are just so good.