Thursday, July 2, 2009

Japanese Stab Book Binding Class

Another great Sunday afternoon spent learning a new technique with some of my favourite friends....

The Projects

The Class

Ludgera working at her usual warp speed...hard to keep in focus :) Who in her spare time pours bronze statue casts...

Katie who is not allowed to run with scissors, because she is an Indian Princess maiden and now my sister

Juliet, another perfect speedy gonzales, but very patient and helpful...she has to be because her other job is sewing the dinosaur costumes back together after a day with kids in them at the ROM

Christine makes me laugh!

Susan threading needles, probably to tie up brown paper packages

Kimberly arms in town, and the cutest smile

Barb and Tony...... the tool guy, coincidentally owners of the shop

Judy Ross (2nd. from left) our instructor from Phoenix, Arizona and a few of the other participants

The technique. Mostly so that I will personally remember how to do this if I ever get around to making another book...when I finish the one I started here.

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  1. Oh you look, like you had a great time. Love that book.