Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Musical Inspiration

This is an amazing group. I love the "simulated" storm. The title of the video is Stimulating a storm...hope not, I'm enjoying this wonderfully sunny day here! Make sure your speakers are up for the first part...it starts out softly!

Those shining faces just make me so happy! What a glorious group. KABOOM!

Hat Tip: Many thanks Gigi!


  1. I don't know why but the YouTube isn't working for me. I just realized as I was looking at the LG phone box that I have to go to their website to see the phone's manual. I am now printing off 87 pages. I have plenty of ink but this kind of activity might just throw the printer into oblivion. Their cheap enough to replace if need be, I managed to take a little video of Tayoh on the bathroom counter. She didn't move much but I certainly enjoyed fooling around. I also have Bluetooth but I've no idea what that is. Ia it like those Blue Men who did the artistic installation? What an old geezer I am....
    My word verification is 'mencali'. Sounds something like mentally...

  2. That was so enjoyable - I think we should take singing lessons!