Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Car Dilemma

It's that time car is coming off it's lease and now I have to make another decision.

Think I'm going to go with the Nissan Altima again, but come down in power and gas.

It's always humorous to me how this happens. I'm obsessing about it and listening to the radio today........

Flash from the past Billy Ocean has it right.

You can see what I'll look like going through Denny's car wash to prepare to meet the dealer :)

P.S. I had to purchase this song. Now I want to go to a drive in.

Another great Billy Ocean rendition...I love Danny on the sax!


  1. I watched that, and wondered what you will be wearing going to the car wash, I know where you wash your car, I'd be a little afraid of dressing up.

  2. Great tunes Thanks for sharing that's some car wash.

  3. Oops Anonymous is me