Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Beets....M&M's

No beets in the White House....

Not sure if you saw the recent NBC documentary "Inside the Obama White House"

This is the you tube video. It is of special interest to our family that the White House is now into M&M's as opposed to jelly beans. Our daughter works for "Mars Inc." and this is quite an endorsement.

This is a really cute blog where you can read all about the culinary preferences of the President and his staff. Obama Foodorama

The photo of the silver dishes full of M&M's as well as the little boxes the staff get to take home on Friday nights is priceless. Peanut M&M's are served on Fridays.


  1. These were popular during the Clinton years, too. The boxes are red, white, and blue (similar in size to movie concession candy) , w/a reproduction of the President's signature. Since smoking was banned in the Clinton WH, they were a fun souvenir (instead of matchbooks, no longer printed!), Typically, these were given to West Wing guests and those dining in the WH Mess. I have some stuck away w/my memorabelia, and have now reserved one for you...if you don't sell it on eBay!


  2. Oh my! What a treat! Thank you so much. I just hope you get back to this new administration. They could use your expertise :) BTW. I did check on the Eddie site and the antique thing is a good one. Perhaps you could make a special trip, that is, if you're not running the West Wing by then. Thanks for your insight, always appreciated and loved.