Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remaking some great kid's classics

Yesterday my daughter alerted me to the release of the remastered DVD for THE RED BALLOON. I had some trouble connecting with the site in which she originally found the entire movie embedded. For whatever reason, the Google movie totally rearranged my blog so I had to quickly remove it all this morning. I remember Sharon having this problem, so now I know what to look for. Yes, yes, to answer all those did see it and then I had to go to my workout class...but if you want to watch the entire 38 minute film...

Vintage Kid's Books My Kid Loves

Below is a shorter version that might pique your interest, and jog your memory of this film.

I will definitely purchase the DVD. When I checked, it was $9.99 on and $16.99 on
I hate that. Even with the exchange....what in the world is THAT all about?!

At one time, I was aware that they came out with a revised version of the film. We have trouble getting foreign films in our local Rogers video shop, but I will bug them till the get me this one.

Jane was inquiring as to whether or not, as a child, she had seen the original Red Balloon film. Bien sur ma petite. I used to regularly rent the large reeled projectors from the library and there were some amazing films for kids. Ever the steel-trap-minded Jane reminded me of the time we had Hansel and Gretel much to the horror of one child's mother. I wonder what happened to him? He's probably authoring horror novels :)

I especially loved "The Electric Grandmother", and see that it has also been remastered. Looks like a special purchase.

Hat tip: Jane Moran


  1. Ma Soeur,
    The Red Balloon! A favourite indeed. I shall have to pick up a few copies of that for special people. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely wonderful!!!