Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where is the size 13?

It all started with this, Oprah's quote of the day:
"A woman is never sexier than when she's comfortable in her clothes. That's it. End of story."
—Vera Wang

This gal sure looks comfortable in Vera's line :)

As the new lifestyle (read: dieting) continues, one inevitably gets between sizes. If you were a 14 and after some time, still not quite a size 12, any reasonable person would think that one could find a size 13 to tide one over 'til the next 5 pound drop. Men just don't understand the official "US Standard Clothing Size Pronouncement", by which we are all pigeonholed.

No wonder! If you look at the chart, there are SEVEN different classifications for women's sizes. They range from Misses' to Women's and Half Sizes.

The men get ONE. It would seem that all their problems can be solved by a belt! It also makes me really mad that in reality they only ever need two pairs of black, one brown...and Bob's your uncle, that's them - ready for any occasion.

By the standard criteria, I do not qualify for the "Junior" or "Junior Miss" category. It plainly states that despite your height you will have a higher bust and a shorter back. Guess this leaves a few of us 'SOL'.

For now, I'll borrow a belt from The Professor and be comfortable in my clothes.

And, thanks to Vera Wang, apparently, I'll never be sexier than I am now! These two pictures are honestly from Vera's website - Lavender Label Clothing. No wonder the woman talks about being comfortable. I could SO do this look with these socks!

Is it me or has the fashion industry gone berserk??!!!


  1. Those charts make no sense! Good heavens, no wonder nothing ever fits me properly ... it's just a guessing game. And that bit about how size six is now size zero -- I wondered where size "zero" came from and now I know. It's made up. Yeesh.

  2. It's not you it's the fashion industry. I know I've been involved and I'm nuts.

  3. Aha. I've completely botched up my diet and have regained half of what I lost (over the past 2 years). I have an unbearable compulsion to eat - especially any kind of ice cream. There will be no trying on of clothes and having to look at myself undressed in one of those cubicles with the fun house mirrors. Instead I'm concentrating on having more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Fitting shoes has proven
    to be a success since the toenail surgery last November. And it's time to have my first pedicure since that ordeal. A lovely way to show off a new open-toed shoe.

  4. Leslie I agree that it's not all about the weight we are but how we feel in our clothes. As women we tend to gain our weight in all of the wrong places hence when we diet we seem to lose it in all of the wrong places again. Still trying to lose those unwanted pounds Linda

  5. In my opinion, comfort is everything when it comes to clothing. There's nothing worse than wearing something too tight, too loose or too scratchy. My current pet peeve is/are pantyhose. They either wrinkle around my ankles and make me look like a Shar Pei, or turn my midriff into a Squeeze-A-Snack