Friday, July 31, 2009

Unexpected finds

Driving toward the Brooklin, Maine corner store in pursuit of hand-made ice cream one evening, the rich artistic nature of our surroundings was magnified once more. As usual, click on the pictures to enlarge. I've left them as they came out of the camera in an effort to get everything done :)

This is the home of E.B.White

This is where Charlotte's Web was written

The final resting place of Mr. and Mrs. White

Think I'll watch the movie again.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some days she looks like...........

Some days, Sea Squirt looks sad and lonely. She quietly bobs all alone in the bay.

Other days, she calls out...."All Aboard! Come and play with me!"

Then you jump (step gingerly) into the rubber dingy and clamber aboard

Wave goodbye to the house!

Head out into the bay

Get a few pointers from the skipper and steady the course

Don't hit the Lobster Pots!

She's far away, but let's race her home!

Ready About!

A Perfect day in Maine
Thanks Captain!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I know, I said I wouldn't.....

For those of you who know Jane, you will find this totally amusing! This is what happens when an Astrophysicist gives birth.

Here I am at 16 weeks, trying to look pregnant! I still feel like I'm in an "in-between" stage, where I'm starting to look a little bit rounder, but not yet obviously pregnant.

I haven't had to adjust my wardrobe yet, but I did stop by a maternity store the other day, lured in by the 70% off signs in the window - but of course they are just getting rid of their summer stock, which reminded me that anything that I buy to fit the new me will have to be autumn/winter clothing, and the thought of shopping for a winter wardrobe right now is just too much to handle.

I tried to take a picture of myself a few weeks ago by balancing the camera on a stack of books, hitting the timer and then running into position, but they all came out badly. I'm much happier with this self-portrait method, especially since it gives me an excuse to hide my face, which always seems to ruin the picture (I'm still working on the "blissful joy of impending motherhood" look, it's not easy to master).

This photo was partly brought on by the fact that the other day Michael came across a really neat piece of videography by another expecting couple, and it has me slightly worried that I'm not doing enough to document the whole pregnancy experience. I haven't even written a letter to the unborn baby yet! My excuse is that I'm not artistic enough... instead of taking daily pictures, I've been researching the processes through which amniotic fluid is replenished in the womb, which when it comes right down to it is probably more valuable in the long run.

A special shout-out goes to the Red Pine Camp sweats I'm wearing in this picture - celebrating their 15th year in my wardrobe this summer! w00t!

Credit: Jane Moran and at this point credit must also go to Michael Tarabokia :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Question.........

The question was..."What are you going to do when you get home?" The answer is complicated.

I am a maker of lists. Par excellence. I love the way it makes me organize myself and the power of the cross-off. No checks. Bold lines through the task. Done.

I haven't ordered it yet but this book has been amusing me for awhile now.

If we are what we eat, then this book reveals deep truths about the average person (not to mention more mundane truths like a surprising number of people enjoy onions, and for most people, mayonnaise is very, very difficult to spell). "Milk, Eggs, Vodka" is a celebration of the humble grocery list. Almost anyone will find themselves engrossed in this voyeuristic look into everyday life - less than healthy lists, lists for parties, lists with personal and often odd annotations on them...and the list of lists goes on. Besides over 150 found lists, the book also includes short essays on collecting, shopping, eating, and list making. Some of the lists will even include recipes that can be made from the ingredients on the list!
About the Author
Bill Keaggy has been publishing on the Web for more than 10 years and his sites, including and, have been praised as genius, useless, inspiring, stupid, beautiful and a complete waste of time.
What I'm doing today is making a HUGE list.
I'm back.

Credit: Milk, Eggs, Vodka

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On my way back home.....

My last day of vacay in the USA...on my way back tomorrow. We found this video and we've been laughing so hard all weekend. It's a big deal here ...thought I'd share. I'd probably have been horrified had my daughter requested this sort of event, but I have to say I think this is TERRIFIC! What an adorable idea. The bride was a former dancer and the father reluctantly did a youtube for family members from afar. So far over 5 million have viewed this!

Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope they keep on dancing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Rabbit

Sirius XM Radio has my heart and soul. It comes free, for three months, with my new Nissan Altima. I have been known to sit in the driveway for protracted periods of time just to "finish" a song. Moving cars in the driveway is no problem these days.

There have been a lot of spooky coincidences in my life the last few days and one of them happened via Sirius today. Listening to 60's on guessed it...Jefferson Airplane. White Rabbit. Part of my obsession with Alice is now coming out in music. This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Click to enlarge

I am currently on a nostalgic road trip with a woman that I met at Princeton in the 60's. Listening to Sirius in her new Honda.....WHAT WERE WE THINKING in those days?????? . It was Princeton, it was the Vietnam War, and I don't think I really even liked Jefferson Airplane, but the following interview with Grace Slick makes me laugh. LOOK AT US NOW!!!!

Lyrics Credit:

Monday, July 13, 2009


This song was one of our children's favourites. It was one among the folksy repertoire that the Professor sang to them at bedtime. I always found it a tear- jerker, and profoundly sad, which is unusual, as I am mostly accused of preferring the beat over the lyrics. Today it's my theme song.

I'll be back again soon, and if I have air waves, I may get a few posts off from Maine. I may be too busy eating lobster and picking blueberries, but you can keep playing the song for a bit. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our neighbour needed a badly listing tree to be taken down. It was either that or pay the insurance if the old lanky pine ever fell over in a wind storm and onto one of our cars. After many sleepless nights she decided that it would be okay if a few of the neighbours helped out and used their ever handy buzz saw to get the deed done. Derek wants to be called a lumberjack. The Professor is afraid of heights. THIS is a photo op!

Lumberjack Derek climbs the tree

Think this is high enough

Evelyn anchors one of the ropes

The Professor calls the command to start the cut

Timber...tree down and everyone so pleased they are still alive..notice the job of photographer was on the opposite side of the falling zone :)

Bigger than it looks ....lots of trimming and tidying up to do.

Normally we are totally against the removal of innocent trees, but this one was quite brittle and when it started listing towards our driveway, the owner wanted it down before it caused major damage. She was delighted upon returning home from work to find it all removed. The hardest part ended up being the removal of the root. All done now. Well done neighbours!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Late!!!

Lately, I'm fixated with Alice in Wonderland. I'm cobbling things together to do a project. This says it to the country for a week........see you soon

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Foreign Films

Friday evening and the Professor is out...time for subtitled films. Came across this one in my favourite foreign film section. I had not been aware of Séraphine before.

Séraphine Louis

Friday, July 3, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Discussion about having the comment " word verification" feature has recently led to several of us disabling that feature. Who knew Carmi would not leave comments on other people's blogs that require the word verification, so we'll see if this works. I'm not sure why this unscrambling is an impediment for some, I sort of get a kick out of the messed up 'words'. Sometimes, in a very crazy way, they even seem phonetically pertinent to the subject matter at hand. I'll be expecting lots of comments now Carmi!:)

Well, Marissa and I followed the leader. Then again, Marissa has suddenly left town, on a teeny tiny airline which sports a raccoon mascot.

For those of you who want to disable your "word verification" (and presumably have Carmi commenting), go to Settings>Comments>Show word verification for comments> and hit the NO circle. I'll do this until I get a comment from Carmi with each new posting or annoying spam, whichever comes first. I think I remember putting it on there because of an anonymous ad for a flower shop which kept showing up!

With regards to the picture of the tea bag.....what other picture could I find to appear in my sidebar to please Sharon? While you are in there disabling your word scramble, make sure all the boxes are ticked off in your Layout>Configure Blog List> setting. {No pictures show up if you only have a video in your post} that the question?

Just came to me...comment...constant comment...tea bags..don't ask, it's how my mind works.

P.S. I plan to continue my daft 'constant comments' no matter what format your blog takes, I'm just like that!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Japanese Stab Book Binding Class

Another great Sunday afternoon spent learning a new technique with some of my favourite friends....

The Projects

The Class

Ludgera working at her usual warp speed...hard to keep in focus :) Who in her spare time pours bronze statue casts...

Katie who is not allowed to run with scissors, because she is an Indian Princess maiden and now my sister

Juliet, another perfect speedy gonzales, but very patient and helpful...she has to be because her other job is sewing the dinosaur costumes back together after a day with kids in them at the ROM

Christine makes me laugh!

Susan threading needles, probably to tie up brown paper packages

Kimberly arms in town, and the cutest smile

Barb and Tony...... the tool guy, coincidentally owners of the shop

Judy Ross (2nd. from left) our instructor from Phoenix, Arizona and a few of the other participants

The technique. Mostly so that I will personally remember how to do this if I ever get around to making another book...when I finish the one I started here.