Saturday, August 8, 2009

Canada's National Symbol

It was a really slow t.v. night and I got watching "Just for Laughs". I had not heard of Danny Bhoy and thought his routine was pretty good. This is another of his routines - of course on YouTube.


  1. oooh I really like this guy. I'm completely disarmed by a Scottish accent. In fact, I will digress and ask if you've ever seen the movie, "The Big Tease" which is done documentary style and follows a gay Scottish hairdresser to L.A, where he competes in an international contest for the platinum scissors. It's hysterical. Unfortunately, the sound is very weak.

  2. Leslie,
    You made my morning with this blogg. I laughed so much that my husband came running to see it too!! The best joke is his Scottish accent!!