Friday, July 3, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Discussion about having the comment " word verification" feature has recently led to several of us disabling that feature. Who knew Carmi would not leave comments on other people's blogs that require the word verification, so we'll see if this works. I'm not sure why this unscrambling is an impediment for some, I sort of get a kick out of the messed up 'words'. Sometimes, in a very crazy way, they even seem phonetically pertinent to the subject matter at hand. I'll be expecting lots of comments now Carmi!:)

Well, Marissa and I followed the leader. Then again, Marissa has suddenly left town, on a teeny tiny airline which sports a raccoon mascot.

For those of you who want to disable your "word verification" (and presumably have Carmi commenting), go to Settings>Comments>Show word verification for comments> and hit the NO circle. I'll do this until I get a comment from Carmi with each new posting or annoying spam, whichever comes first. I think I remember putting it on there because of an anonymous ad for a flower shop which kept showing up!

With regards to the picture of the tea bag.....what other picture could I find to appear in my sidebar to please Sharon? While you are in there disabling your word scramble, make sure all the boxes are ticked off in your Layout>Configure Blog List> setting. {No pictures show up if you only have a video in your post} that the question?

Just came to me...comment...constant comment...tea bags..don't ask, it's how my mind works.

P.S. I plan to continue my daft 'constant comments' no matter what format your blog takes, I'm just like that!


  1. YEAH!!! No more crazy words/numbers to type in! I am to just post!

  2. When I first started my blog I kept getting junk/spam "comments" that I would have to go in and delete and that was just too annoying ... and I was worried there would be some sort of link posted in a comment that would be a nasty one and I didn't want my blog to be linking to anything unsavoury. When I put in the word verification feature, that problem went away. :-)

  3. I even have some Constant Comment in my cup board. It must be 10 years old and I can still smell it through the foil pouch.
    Yes, you've got my question right but I can't find the 'boxes' you're talking about. I have a Configure Links box but there's nothing there that I can tick off. Give me another hint.

  4. Okay Sharon, now you've really done something. I am no longer able to see my comments at all on your blog. I think you've hit some administrator button, and changed your format completely.

    Regarding the previous problem, I'll comment here, as I can't tell if you are even getting my comments on your blog now!

    Here's the drill:

    1. Sign in. You should now see that you are in dashboard.

    2. Click on Layout tab.

    3. Go to "Blogs I like to Read"

    4. You will now get a prompt "Configure Blog List".

    Check off each of the little boxes

    5. SAVE. Saving is important to make your corrections stick.

    6. Check out your sidebar.

    Good luck.

  5. The word verification I liked best on your blog was "recess" and my second favorite was "prancy." Both of them seemed to relay an aspect of your upbeat personality which I thought was serendiptous. Nevertheless, I think I'll drop this feature on my blog from now on too.

  6. Here's an interesting story about word verification (at least it is interesting to my friends and me, but we're into a lot of slightly geeky computer stuff to begin with...):

    Carnegie Mellon has been developing a method to transcribe books into audio and digital format, by scanning text into a computer and letting it read away. But every so often (because of a wrinkle in the page, or whatever), a word won't be legible by the computer's software. The creators of this system have been sending the unrecognizable words to word verification programs, and when they are verified by enough people they are re-introduced into the original text.

    Apparently this system provides the equivalent of 160 books a day to the project. So if you're feeling bad about verifying words then you can take some solace in the fact that you could be helping to create audio books and books in digital format.

    As far as I know, blogger isn't part of this system, but I think facebook and twitter are. It's called reCAPTCHA. Now you can impress your friends with some useless trivia!