Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Rabbit

Sirius XM Radio has my heart and soul. It comes free, for three months, with my new Nissan Altima. I have been known to sit in the driveway for protracted periods of time just to "finish" a song. Moving cars in the driveway is no problem these days.

There have been a lot of spooky coincidences in my life the last few days and one of them happened via Sirius today. Listening to 60's on guessed it...Jefferson Airplane. White Rabbit. Part of my obsession with Alice is now coming out in music. This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

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I am currently on a nostalgic road trip with a woman that I met at Princeton in the 60's. Listening to Sirius in her new Honda.....WHAT WERE WE THINKING in those days?????? . It was Princeton, it was the Vietnam War, and I don't think I really even liked Jefferson Airplane, but the following interview with Grace Slick makes me laugh. LOOK AT US NOW!!!!

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  1. great post, love the links,
    i'd love to see what a
    "tea party" on acid looks like!

  2. Why don't you get to writing about those can change the names to protect the guilty?? Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip, my dear Leslie...cannot tell you how good it was to see you!!

    Much love - David

  3. I'll help you bind a book, so you can put all this down. Love the Alice obsession.

  4. I know you're on vacation likely without access to photoshop etc, but check your email .... I just sent you a page of graphics you're SURE to like :-)

  5. Oh man, it brings back memories and I too love these posts!

  6. I want sirius radio!!!! I just CAN'T WAIT until the new Alice in Wonderland movie comes out. You'll be seeing Alice art from me in the upcoming months for sure!!!

  7. I like her renditions of rabbits. It's interesting that she says most people like rabbits, reminds me of Doreen.