Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blueberries and Maine

One of the neatest things about Maine, other than Lobsters, is blueberries.
Picking them.
I only ever remember picking high bush blueberries. In the grove near our cottage, there were several blueberry bushes that afforded a handful or two in passing. In Maine, we were near the ground and delicately picking amongst the straw grasses.

Robert McCloskey spent summers on Scott Island, Maine. We were not too far from Deer Isle where McCloskey lived with his wife and two daughters, on whom the characters in the book are supposedly based. I love making connections like this to old beloved books. Remember "Make Way for Ducklings"? Same author.

If you picked about a cup of teeny tiny blueberries, and left them on the counter, you could pretty much expect to find fresh muffins the next morning at breakfast. Thanks Ellen!

Now I'm still craving blueberries and am trying all sorts of recipes. I've taste tested one from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook and another from Muffin Mania. Next week I have my niece visiting. I hope she likes blueberries.


  1. I love blueberries. So if your niece doesn't, I'll be there, just to help out you know.

  2. I absolutely loved reading that book to my kids. It is such a cute story. I must find it for Ben. Thanks for reminding me about that lovely book.
    Let us know when you decide which blueberry muffin recipe is your favorite. I wouldd love to try it. Your niece is in for a treat.

  3. When Susy and I lived in Montreal we used to rent a summer cottage with her parents right near a lovely blueberry field. I love to eat them, but, picking was absolute torture. For every blueberry I got to bite, twenty bugs bit me. Nevertheless, Susy's mother loved blueberry picking and always thought it was just another character flaw of mine that I didn't. As for Blueberry's for Sal, wonderful book.

  4. Ma soeur,

    Picking blueberries was a requirement when visiting my aunt at her cottage. Blueberry pie, blueberry buckle, and muffins were the rewards for our hard work.
    Again you have made reference to one of my fabourite books. It is so old and yet so loved by children of a wide age group even today.