Sunday, August 30, 2009

Classes Anyone?

Thanks Carmi for making me aware of these classes. I've just signed up for the following. Any takers? I'm thinking about the "Memory Quilts & More" class (October 16) at the Creative Sewing Convention...can't locate my partner in Crime (Irene) yet, so I'm still cruising the list.

Garden Bracelet, Friday, Sept. 18 [1-4 p.m.]

All That Brass 1 - Charm Bracelet, Saturday, Sept. 19 [9-12a.m.]

Canadian Bead Oasis Shows

All Credits: Canadian Bead Oasis Shows

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  1. Leslie Just to let you know Betty and I usually go to the Creative Sewing show one day. We did the bracelet workshop last year. Not sure what day we will be going but can let you know