Friday, August 28, 2009


It's really hard not to be intimidated by my bloggy friends. Well, intimidated may not be the totally correct word, perhaps "overstimulated", would be better. It's so funny how the string goes. Irene starts by talking about peaches, Lennie ends up actually baking a peach pie, and true to the 'Lenster Approach' that's not good enough. No, Lennie has to make the pie into a photo-shoot, and THEN, take that photo off the camera, Photoshop it into a delectable picture and post an amazing and all. Meanwhile, I'm trying to set the pace to LANGUISHING in SALONS. I guess no one could find the appropriate chairs. I'm going to find out where Lennie lives and go over there and have MEATLOAF!

Whoops, NO I'M NOT....because Carmi has got the chubby girl up and running again, and that IS on my purpose list. Not only is Carmi pumping out cards and goo-ga's with a Christmas theme already, but she is also going to be starring on the Shopping Channel on Monday. Good Grief! I wondered why she was thinking about Marie Osmond, apparently it wasn't anything to do with becoming a Mormon. Who knew? I guess I can file this under my "organization" tab.

Then Susan Williamson, who has been hiding her light under a bushel for awhile comes blasting out of hiding and makes me realize that I should probably be doing much more with my camera than I am...AND, making use of Lennie's (the instigator) free textures and tutorials.

Let's see...who else....OH....NANCY! Good grief. She's only showing her art works in two major shows around town. In her spare time she's shopped till she dropped in NYC with Ludgera and taken yet another course, which will, no doubt yield more "inspiration" ...duly covered in WAX.

Karen's off to Japan, Marissa's strolling in the park, Martha's maddly sewing away, and Billi Jo is gearing up for the Clothing Show while being true to her Manifesto and actually losing the weight that I should be. She's not fussing about meatloaf!

You see, this is why I LOVE Sharon. She's down there at the bottom of the blog roll, minding her own business and not requiring anything new of me. Sharon, want to meet me downtown and we can languish over a coffee???

I'm not even linking to these wonderfully creative can check out their blogs on my sidebar. I read them daily. It's quite "intimidating"? Yes, that's the word.

Photo Credit: Anne Geddes...whose website I've joined, changed my google page which flips over every hour and is all about babies.


  1. Well, I may be off to Japan, but am spending more time LOOKING at creativity from my friends rather than getting myself to do it. Unless putting together an elliptical trainer counts :)
    You writing is great and I think that fits perfectly in a lavish salon. Let's set one up. Can I hav a martini though?

  2. Oh YES! Martinis would be an integral part of OUR salons. I really am going to set up a salon. It's on my list.

  3. Why oh why is my word verification "dishet" ?
    Does it make it any better for you to know I feel exhausted today? No, I guess not. You know I have leftover meatloaf for lunch sandwiches and, um, pie too. But today I shall truly languish, but I do look forward to alcoholic languishing in the near future in your new salon!

  4. Well on Tues and Wed. I spent the day with my friend Janice and her mom. We left her mom in the Casino and languished in the R5 salon with Lichee martinis. Well worth setting up a salon. My problem with the set up is that I know I'll have to clear away all those things I've started with Leslie to do so.

  5. I love this picture. My son once gave me a book with Anne Geddes baby pictures and I treasure it. Thanks for sharing

  6. Carmi,
    Stop trying to goad me, I'm NOT dusting! Just because you're a famous t.v. star now:) or will be after Monday......

    I bought peaches.

  7. Ma soeur,
    In keeping with the peach theme, I made blueberry peach crisp from Fine Eating magazine. Delectable!
    I received a book by Anne Geddes as a retirement gift. It's the closest I am to babies in my life at this point.
    Ta Soeur

  8. I'm taking time off this fall to focus on my health, my home, and school. I mean, time off art.... well, we'll see how long this lasts. I haven't created anything in, oh, 2 days now. Well, I have painted part of my basement this weekend, and tomorrow I plan to tackle hydrolic cement and some goopy waterproofing painty stuff. That's to waterproof my laundry room so I can store more art crap in there. Off to youtube now to see if I can find instructions....

  9. like i always say to my husband
    "i could take up drinking and smoking!!"

  10. What a talented group of pals you have, Leslie! BTW, when you get back to DC, I can show you the Amaya embroidery machine that we have at WPC. I've been trained on it (the Swiss invented those, ya know)and just might be able to put it to good use for someone's granddaughter...