Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Know what this is?

Dana is my "Gizmo Guru". She loves gadgets and usually I end up with all sorts of things from shower squeegees to the latest....a Memory Card Reader. I know, I know, you probably are all aware of this neat little thing, but clearly I have just not payed attention to this little technical marvel.

It was revealed to me when we couldn't find cords to move my photos to Dana's computer. She quickly whips out the card reader, removes the card from my camera, and Bob's your uncle!

Since we don't have Radio Shack here anymore...I think they are now called "The Source", we happened to be near one and I took advantage of the sales staff's knowledge and got a universal model that will accommodate all cards.

Very Cool.

It still hasn't propelled me to doing the transfer task any quicker, but it certainly cuts down of carrying all those darn cords when you travel. Neat! for sure.

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  1. Next on your list of must-have gizmos: a portable hard drive. Backing up all those photos on your hard drive is important! :-)

    I bought mine at Costco.....