Monday, August 3, 2009

Maine Again

One of our very first outings in Blue Hill, Maine unearthed an antique shop of all things French. The very first table I spied had some wonderful large monogrammed linen napkins of the "huge size" variety [presumably to cover the large dresses worn]. The monogram was "LM". I held my breath as the shop keeper sloooowly brought down the price. I really agonized as it was the first day and if this was so alluring, what would come up later? I took my usual poll...should I, or shouldn't I, and everyone, including the professor via cell phone said "DO IT!!!"
He only said that because they are his initials as well:)

Days later, I returned and scooped them up.

Click on picture to enlarge

There were so many things I wanted, but only so much that I could carry home on the aircraft, on my own - not to mention 'Customs' which always freaks me out! The box of silk threads could not be left behind, and the little black tags with the numbers were intended to be sewn into gloves to indicate the size. I deliberated over the entire box-load and got a yard of several different pieces.

The blue book underneath is not just a prop, but a first edition with an intriguing card stuck inside the cover with old stamps.

The owners of the shop do their hunting in Lyon, as Paris is more expensive. They did some very good picking. Now - to plan the dinner party.


  1. Oh this is fabulous, I never do anything this exciting with my Janice.

  2. I think it was a wise buy. Where
    else could you discover something, with the initials of both of you and that you could use. Good luck on your dinner party.Love, Mom.

  3. My heart is aflutter! Henri Cartier Bresson is one of the most famous photographers EVER and the father, really, of modern urban photography. Textiles were the family business and the wealth of his family enabled him to indulge in photography. From what I've read, Cartier Bresson textile products -- like threads and little sewing kits -- were very common in Paris households. Can't wait to have a peek at this and maybe snap a photo or two myself :-)

    And the monogrammed linens? What an amazing find. OF COURSE you had to buy them ... you would have so regretted it had you not!

  4. Carole said:
    "Leslie, you lucky lady! How gorgeous are those napkins! How many did you get?

    Will you use them when Shelley and Maddie visit? What is the penalty for the person with the first wine stain? Enjoy."

    I got 8 napkins, so Mark can attend too! :)

    These are the size of our modern day "tea towels"...they are very ample. One has even been mended, and I adore the stitches. I will, of course, alert all guests that these are "Lapkins" and that any wiping of mouths or spills of wine may be done on their "Napkins"...with which will duly be supplied. Penalty is a day in the laundry room hand treating the stain. The Professor knows all about this routine :)

  5. OMGosh LENNIE! This is absolutely fantastic. I had NO idea.

    I only picked up the silk threads because they were so beautiful and the box was indeed authentic.

    This is a wonderful discovery. Thank you so much for alerting me.