Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Maine

The road trip to Maine that Dana and I took in July celebrated 40 years of friendship. One day 40 years ago we set out and traveled through Canada to my family and Nova Scotia. This time it was to her family and Maine.

We inspire each other. We decided to knit hats and felt them. This is the pattern we spied in a little Blue Hill knitting shop.

This is my rendition, still drying on an old antique milliner's form that I always wondered what I would do with. I'm still not sure it's my head size. We'll see.

It's totally amazing to me that the brim actually rolls up and stays!

On a tip from an adorable waitress in Blue Hill, we explored her mother's yarn shop String Theory Yarn With a name like that, how could we not?

I was enchanted by the store's version using their hand dyed variegated yarns of a little jacket just small enough to fit a tiny one.
Like string theory itself, (Jane will get this) this little piece of work is giving me no end of trouble. I may have to go back to Maine for tutorials! Dana is being much more sensible and knitting scarves for the little niece and nephews.

Credits: Fiber Trends, String Theory, Schoolhouse Press


  1. I just love that hat! And I'd like to see you beneath it. Yes, well the kniiting business... I now have several new books and want to use the yarns mentioned in the patterns. Three hours on the internet and there is no one site that carries all that I need. Think I'll go on Tuesday to Romni Wools on Queen West to search for something. I'm kind of fixated on doggie legwarmers for starts. And I need a special kind of elastic thread which no one seems to have. That's where the professional advice comes in. I don't have enough experience to make substitutions. But that little jacketis a dream and you must finish it.

  2. I've just read a blog about how people are intimidated to comment if there is a lot of comments. I'm a sucker for reading other peoples comments, I click on the email me follow up , insane eh! no wonder I never get anything done.

  3. What an amazing hat you've made. I think it deserves its own party!

  4. Hi Leslie Love the hat. A girl at church had a purse made by her sister. It was using the same concept and looked amazing too. Oh know I feel another addiction coming on

  5. Hi it's me again. I guess I should proof read. I do know that I used the wrong know. Glad you are back and hope to see you soon

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