Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking a run at it

I'm trying to work my way back into "regular working hours". I have to make a run at getting out of the "Summer Schedule" and into getting myself organized. This is waaay beyond lists. This is OVERHAULING. I have to adjust sleep hours, exercise routines, diet regimes, organize purposeful educational projects, and get at the mounting pile of reading material. I only have four months left to be producing all things "baby".

I think I need an iPhone. I know I WANT an iPhone...none are available at this moment.

We found out for certain today that we are expecting a "Pink" granddaughter in January. I only have 4 months left. Hanky Blankies, little sweaters, toy boxes, memory albums....Help!

Today is the like the start of a whole new year. I'm going to spend next week gearing up and then hit the road at full tilt after "Labour Day". What a fitting pun.

hat tip: Carole Page
Credits: Anne Geddes


  1. Ma Soeur,

    It sounds as if you are really "in the pink" at hearing this wonderful confirmation. What fun lies ahead. Let the preparations begin! Time for the most detailed of lists! Talk about the "best of times".

    Ta Soeur

  2. So very exciting. I will be going to Japan and can buy you a baby kimono...:)

  3. Wow you are going to be busy. It sounds like fun especially getting ready for the new baby girl. Let me know if I can be of any help. See you soon

  4. Such good news! Only I hope you won't be overwhelmed, whatever you'll do before the blessed event will be just perfect - and you'll want to save some of that energy for AFTER the baby arrives!


  5. Oh goody, girls are just so much more fun to buy for.

  6. Linda ~ Of course I'm going to need ALL your expertise. I still have a boo-boo bunny in my freezer! I'll be wracking your brains soon. I'm counting on Gigi to drag me through the forest next week in order to be able to attend classes after Labour day. Looking forward to Miss Devon on Tues. and Wed., and prancing along the walkways M.T.&F. Got to keep the granny going! This will make the beachboys even more applicable on Wednesday morning. My new theme song...Go Granny Go!

  7. PINK is such a wonderful colour .... what fun lies ahead!

  8. I can't wait to visit The American Girl Doll store with you. It will be so much fun shopping for your new baby grandaughter.
    I too have to reorganiize and get back into routine after a busy summer. I will look forward to seeing you and all our wonderful friends at the gym and at coffee next week.

  9. Did that post say "grandaughter?" Seems like the wedding was just yesterday (ok, I guess it was a year ago). As Keith Yamamoto was once heard to murmur, "real genetics." Congratulations.