Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Coat Story

This photo by the way, is the one emblazoned over the Claiborne counter. It inspired me to buy the coat in the first place. I need to look like this in Europe.

Last week I was attending a course in downtown Toronto and decided to take the GO train in lieu of driving. It was a rather chilly day so I opted to wear my new Liz Claiborne jacket. I was feeling rather spiffy and was lucky enough to actually find a parking space at the Clarkson station. I guess in retrospect, I should have been more aware of smiling faces in the waiting area. I descended the train at Union Station, and it wasn't until I was in the long windowed walkway area that I saw myself mirrored in the reflection. Noticing a bit of a tilt in the image, I thought perhaps my over the shoulder purse was pulling my coat off to one side. A few tugs and still an unusual picture, I looked down only to discover that I had mispositioned my buttons making the coat totally lopsided. At this point, I was quick to nonchalantly unbutton the entire shebang and carry on. Whew. But those smiling looks back at the station were probably more from amusement than friendship.

The class over, I did the return voyage and perhaps it is now my overactive imagination, but the women across from me, were doing that askance look...furtively engaging ones eyes, then quickly back to their reading, only to meet each others gaze when heads lift simultaneously once again...bit of a smile....and so on. Upon reaching my car in the parking lot, I felt quite warm and took off the coat, folded it and placed it on the back seat. What was that envelope poking out...had I not put everything back in my bag? Closer inspection revealed the tags and button envelope still intact hanging from the plastic thing-a-ma-jig under the arm.

I can only imagine that there are a few GO transit riders conjuring up a story about the crazy woman who "likely stole the coat" and was in a such a hurry that she forgot to remove the tags and buttoned it one button off! This same coat is the one that had me leaving my credit card in Kingston at an outlet shop, and having the worry of getting the card back without canceling everything. Something about this jacket.

It's a great coat, but a funny one. You'll notice (click on photo to enlarge) that none of the models in the Claiborne ad have buttoned their coats :)

Photo Credit: Liz Claiborne


  1. Well having done buttonholes and buttons, matching them is quite a skill, so maybe the person doing the coat had a rough night and thus passed on that heavy hand to you.

  2. If you were wearing that same coat in Kingston earlier, I'm guessing the tags were, at that point, still hanging down? My dear, I am grinning ear to ear. I think this coat seems to offer a guarantee of an adventure.

  3. leslie......that is tooooofunny....I remember seeing a lady at the okeefe centre a hundred years ago,with her tags hanging,and she thought she was queen ----....I laughed so hard,I cried.......missed you today,but I signed you up for next week...hope to see you tomorrow...linda k

  4. I really enjoyed this post. Actually, it was more than a post, it was a great short story with a great ending!

  5. Just as funny reading as hearing...but you'll always be perfect to me.

  6. Great story! You're such a trendsetter, maybe you've started a new look. However, the woman to the right has a rather bold "lip" -not sure if that's the right look for you...


  7. I love your coat story... My dad never used to take price tags off his "summer" clothes. I remember going to the cottage in the summer and the ragged tags would be on his clothes all summer..... it was just a strange, quirky thing my dad did (he doesn't do it anymore.... I should ask him about it).