Friday, September 4, 2009


When Dana and I were in Maine this summer we came across this poster. It was in an antique shop and they were essentially trying to sell the frame (which we didn't like and would not have chosen), but we both adored this print. The shopkeeper was kind enough to tell us what it is.

Vittorio Corcos

I love her gaze. I love what she's wearing. The umbrella and the hat on the bench. The slight hint of the turquoise scarf at her neck...her sleeves. It's autumn and I think she's thinking about all the new things she'll do, starting with reading those books. She looks like I feel these days.

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  1. My word verification says it all:
    YES, I love this piece of artwork. YES, I do!

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  3. Thank you for reminding me of that lovely lady who waited on us...remember the initial on her sweater?...and the great day. It's wonderful how something can bring us back so we are 'there'. Wish I was in Maine right at this very minute!!

  4. Sogni means dreams, so I think she is probably thinking of her "amante" (lover). I like this print as well.

  5. This is just wonderful. I love how you come across these amazing artists that I've never heard of before. Hmmm. I have to know more about him now.