Monday, September 14, 2009

Fabric love

I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics.

Last week while Irenka and I were downtown, we cruised by

Mac Fab Fabrics, Toronto

I was on the hunt for fabrics to do a sewing machine cover that I spied in a recent issue of Somerset Home. We are now signed up to take a class at the Sewing Convention in photo transfer onto fabric. Mac Fab has great Amy Butler fabrics, and on sale too!

I learned this weekend that the quilting shop Quilters Palette also carries this line. Quilting shops seem to be getting fewer and farther between these days, so I'm always happy to learn about good stores.

Irenka and I are also anticipating an upholstery class where we hope to fashion pouffs out of antique cheese boxes. I think these fabrics would be marvelous. Not to mention, much better for floor cushions than the unfortunate incident with the Costco Dog Bed!

Amy Butler Pouffs

For my birthday, I received a joyous tea cosy fashioned from Amy Butler fabric, with an applique with the pink version of

Polly Goes to Paris Fabric

This all adds up to great inspiration of the sewing type. Lots of projects to get at. Think I'll have a cup of tea and get inspired while enjoying my new cosy! Thanks Juliet.

Photo Credits: Amy Butler Designs
True Up


  1. I love the poufs! I could bring you japanese fabric....?

  2. What kind of tea cozy do you have? I have been making them for the church and now have many orders for the ones I am making. It does keep the tea nice and warm.

  3. I love that fabric, it's so ... so .... well, I'll just turn to my word verification for inspiration: feminnes. That's it! It's so pretty and pink and feminine!
    (Why do I always get these weird word verifications?)

  4. I'm telling you, it's eerie. I just had to post again. The next word verification that popped up? Lenis. Am I supposed to make a sentence about myself? "Len is ...". It's getting creepy.

  5. I'm following Lennie's lead for looking at the word verification for comment inspiration -- the word is "exitin" WELL -- fabric IS so darn exciting!!! I love all things fabric so I just spent an hour following your links. I didn't know about the quilting store in Etobicoke -- THANK YOU!!!! I'll be going there this weekend :)

  6. Martha,
    Did you come across the site that had me dazed and salivating?

    "fat quarter shop".....

    It's just too tempting.