Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Russia with Love

"Music is a terrifying thing!...Music makes me forget myself, my real position, it transports me to some other position not my own. Under the influence of music it seems to me that I feel what I do not really feel, that I understand what I do not understand, that I can do what I cannot do... Music carries me immediately and directly into the mental condition of the man who composed it. My soul merges with his and together with him I pass from one condition into another, but why this happens I don't know".

Leo Tolstoy

I heard this quote by Tolstoy today that I had not heard before. I love it with all my heart.


  1. How absolutely true! I have been power walking around the track at my daughter's old highschool since the gym is closed and it is amazing how the pace changes according to the music playing. I was practically sprinting the Village People's "YMCA". I even snuck in the arm movements. I think the men on the track thought I was crazy but who cares. I love disco!!

  2. Me again. I am sure you wanted to invoke a more profound response to your quotation but I am feeling rather shallow today. Sorry.

  3. Never shallow my dear...always right on! Love that you're walking. I'm going to be a mess next week. I can barely get up the stairs these days!

  4. Glad to hear that everyone is doing one of my favorite exercises (walking). I walk without music but do know that it can inspire you to walk faster. Also thanks for sharing the visions of the true waltz. Beautiful

  5. Splendid scene, all the way around! A favorite of mine is on YouTube also: "Sense and Sensibility" 9/14 the Emma Thompson, dialogue, costumes and sets, this movie has it all. I think I wish that I had lived in Bath back then!