Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Mary

It's sad that Mary Travis of "Peter, Paul and Mary" has seccumed to leukemia at age 72. Growing up in the 60's it was impossible to escape the effects of the groups "folk" and liberal politics. They were leaders in anti Vietnam policy, and walked on Washington with Dylan in 1963. Themes of racial equality and activism defending the defenseless. "Blowin' in the Wind", "If I Had A Hammer", "Lemon Tree", "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Leaving on a jet plane was a song that The Professor warbled to sing our babies to sleep. They loved the melody. There isn't much of a folk trend in music these days, but this music stands the test of time.

We were lucky enough to see them live not so long ago in the idyllic summer setting of Chautauqua. I know the Professor will sing for our grandchildren.

Photo: Yahoo News

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  1. "Dragons live forever, but not so little boys...." -- breaks my heart, still.