Friday, September 18, 2009

A New Read

Some time ago, I was in a position of having to make crucial decisions in a tight time frame. When I was unable to contact family members the instant I needed them (usually via cell phone) I started to wonder HOW in the world I was going to get the immediate response I required?

I thought "If I were Madeleine Albright no one would be tardy in their reply to this situation!" I had a feeling that "Madame Secretary" would just make the decision and the world would have to live with it. My new credo became..."If you get a message from me, and it is either signed or voiced "this message is from Madeleine", and you do not respond within three minutes, then the decision is mine and it is binding.

It worked for a while, most ignored it, as I'm pretty good at making the best decisions anyway :) and the rule still holds.

The most humourous response I ever received was during the Clinton administration with, for me, an urgent request of my nephew. Of course I signed off "Madeleine here!" and the response came slightly out of bounds, and a bit contrary, but signed off "Bill".

I can't wait to get my hands on this book.
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