Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September is for Sewing

When my nieces were here we got into talks on apron making.

As September is National Sewing Month albeit in the USA....and I've been obsessing about aprons lately, I decided to combine the two thoughts and today I purchased "Simplicity 5201"

Perhaps it was the picture with the model carrying a paint brush that made the decision easier.

This is a very "artsy-smocky" sort of apron.

Like this one. You can actually make one from a vintage table cloth. I like that idea. Reuse, Remake, Restyle!

If next month happens to be National Painting Month, I'll already have the smock!

Credit: Simplicity patterns


  1. Ma Soeur,
    That apron will be such fun to make. When it is completed, I think you should smock one. I have several here which I have never been able to part with, and they would make excellent samples. Never do I wear an apron, but having seen this little number, my mother's words "Put on an apron!" come quickly to mind.
    Ta Soeur

  2. Of course you could always tuck little diapers and baby things into all those lovely big pockets. A true Granny on the move.

  3. OMG we must be on the same wave-length! Sewing a couple of aprons is on my to-do list for the fall. I found a picture in a magazine of a pattern I want to duplicate. I wear aprons all the time when cooking and especially when baking (which as you know, I do alot).

  4. Heavens to Betsy, does that mean I've gotten a head start of September, I seemed to sew all day on Monday, instead of cleaning, or should I say, in the process of cleaning, and then my needle broke and I needed to make a trip to my Singer store. This man couldn't believe I've had the same needle in my Serger since he sold me the machine some twenty years ago.

  5. I'm tempted by the sewing maching tote Carmi was selling on The Shopping Channel, and now I'm tempted to use the sewing machine as well as buy it a spiffy tote. Maybe I need to make an apron too.... Add this to my to-do list!

  6. Thanks for sharing the apron pattern. I sew all the time and as you know I'm always up for new ideas to help with my addictions to sewing and crafting.