Friday, September 25, 2009

Table Linens

I'm in the mood for a new tablecloth. Something by April Cornell might be nice.

I'd like to sit at this table.

April Cornell

Which one would you choose?

Photo Credits: April Cornell


  1. Ma Soeur,
    Now that was a more difficult choice than first anticipated, but I settled finally on Flower Market Chocolate. Both the name and fabric had appeal.

  2. I'm also liking Flower Market Olive. Since you like olives as well, we can each get one and then have "les olives chez moi and le chocolat chez toi.

  3. Choose just one? Hmmmmm. After clicking on most of them and deciding they all are lovely, I think I would go with Madeline Black. Although I do love plaids........
    Tough choices!

  4. I looked again. I shouldn't have. Now I like Autumn Sun Patchwork. But I still like Madeline Black, although I don't particularly find the bowl of raw brussels sprouts all that appealing in the photo (don't get me wrong, I enjoy sprouts to eat, but I think the photograph would have been more attractive with something more, um, yummy.....).
    My word verification is now reces, which must mean I'm supposed to be relaxing....right?

  5. I have to keep flipping back to see them again, and I keep finding a new one. I love the name "Anna Plum"'s a bit like my fixation with Vicki, Christina, Barcelona....Anna Plum. Just say it a few times. I love those colours too and perhaps a little splash of purple would perk up the appetite. Now I'm hungry. Yes, you have "recess" while I go and find a snack!