Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tapping Tuesdays

I know, it was a totally spontaneous decision, and then there you are...tapping your feet off.

Devon made me do it.

In a previous life, about a million years ago, I tried tapping in a Church basement in Oakville, apparently when I still had a modicum of balance. This session is going to be a challenge. Ten weeks.

My "old" tap shoes, exactly like those pictured above, which were retrieved from a bin at said Church basement are about 2 sizes too large, and stuffed with insoles on insoles...still a little wide. They fit Devon, but not me.

In the day, it really didn't matter what you looked like at St. Mildred' was a basement and there was nary a mirror in sight, but THIS is a studio with mirrors. Gosh I'll be wearing something very different next week. It was a bit of a scramble to get into the class, hunt through a box of possible alternative taps and then follow instructions realizing that I could hardly stand on one leg even on a good day!

This will be great for balance and hopefully a whole ton of weight loss. Nothing like the truth of a dance studio full of mirrors to stimulate a change in shape. If you think the image you are conjuring up is hilarious, you should have been there.

Our first lesson, I kid you not, resembled many of the moves exhibited in this Michael Jackson video...including the music.

I'll be in Devon's aerobics class this morning. I may just take my taps!

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  1. I am laughing as I sit here and read your blog. You are so funny. You looked awesome last night with your tiny feet tap, tapping at just the right angle. I was watching! Those mirrors are NOT forgiving, are they? I think the chubby girl won't be around much longer!

  2. What fun! My daughter Zoe taps and she loves it. Sher has been asking me to go too. Too bad you're not close to me, I would.

  3. Oh wow, it truly is back to school time. Janice called me yesterday to set up a time for a final Fallsview visit before winter, I had to check our schedule of classes. And then an election will happen.

  4. I still think you and Dev should have a recital at the end. Happy tapping

  5. Ma Soeur,
    I'm not sure that these classes will be challenging enough for you, given your experience.
    Check out 'You Tube Great Dance Routine: James Cagney and Bob Hope', for something a little more at your level perhaps.
    Ta Soeur

  6. I just put it together now. You wore your Liz Claiborne coat to your tap class. How chic, even if you were tagged and buttoned. hey, you might even start a trend.

  7. I'm calling Wink and we'll both be at your recital.