Thursday, October 1, 2009

Have you ever

Have you ever had an experience where you entered a place and had absolutely no idea of what was going on?

Today, Irenka and I had had a bit of a "Wonderland" adventure. After misunderstanding the start date and showing up a week early, we considered last week's outing a trial run. Today, we arrived on time knowing exactly where to park, which room to seek out etc. etc. Shortly after entering the room, it felt a little like falling down the rabbit hole. Some people were doing this, some that, others just drifting around talking to either someone else or in some cases themselves.[Wonder] Being the first day, one always allows for some sort of chaos in the flow of things, but after a couple of hours of this, we started to roll our eyes, talk under our own breath, and had to remove ourselves to the hall for a collapsible giggle.

Turns out, we are not actually taking a class per se, rather, we are a bit like apprentices.[Mystery] Sort of lurkers who pick up while on the job. There is a lot of free range, imagination is encouraged and everyone has something to say about everything. Many of the women turned out to be Polish, which may or may not have been part of the problem :) [Kidding Irenka], but you'll see how this all figures into the story later.

The class is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Bring your own lunch. By lunch time, we had only barely gotten around to even remotely figuring out what we should be doing. We'd helped some people tie springs, others tack fabric and toured the facility innumerable times. Finally down to business and we have to change our entire vision. I'm sent off to a local woodworker to have a hole cut in the top of my box. We meander around and finally find the workshop, only to be told that the piece I was wanting to upholster is much to valuable to alter. The wood-man is Polish. He refuses to cut the hole, but will make me exactly what I want with very sassy round legs. He has many great ideas, but now we are onto a completely different tack here! [Danger] Another Polish woman from the class arrives with a chair. We all leave with footstools from the woodpile and a butternut squash from the garden. Seem a little weird? had to be there!

I drank only Diet Coke I swear.

I really want my "Pouff" to be the colours of Johnny Depp!
Some say in order to survive you have to be as mad as a hatter....luckily we are!, MacKenzie-Childs


  1. What a day you kids had...a stream of consciousness workshop, it seems! I must say, JD looks rather mad at that, look at those eyes (those must be special contact lenses). Can't wait to see that movie!


  2. I am tremendously amused by your day! What a fall-down-the-hole adventure; I can't wait for next week's episode :-)

    My word verification is "chins"; there must be some meaning to that....chin-up, keep on going perhaps?


  3. Ok. I did nothing else after our return home, my mind is a whirl. The objective of our class was to do something with all the stuff we have. We have now got orders for more wood. I was suppose to continue painting this evening but my partner didn't show. so I finished my book. But I'm so confused, I don't know what to do next class.

  4. Then I read Toronto Craft Alert painting furniture and after our todays adventure I even this in a new light. should I not be filling nail holes with wood filler? I'm spinning.

  5. Dear Alice,
    I mean Irenka...[the other Polish woman]. I just thought of something. We can always put mosaics on those new footstools.

    Don't forget ...tomorrow....we're off to see the Wizard.

    I think we are living in a fantasy world...look at the moon.

    La la la la la..........

  6. I forgot to comment on JD hat. I love his hat pins, I use to have quite a collection, until my boys used them as spears, they are someplace out there in the yard, and centuries from now someone will find them and they will wonder what they were used for in gardening.