Monday, October 19, 2009

If only.......

Today, as I whipped through the drive through bank machine, I was reminded of one of the neatest things that the US has that we don't. Drive through mailboxes.
These are the "snorkel" boxes that I first saw in Washington, DC.

I happen to love the drive through. I love drive through coffee shops, banks, McDonald's, and there is even a dry cleaner in my area. I don't dry clean, but maybe I should...just for the drive.

I have a pile of snail-mail to post that is sitting on the front seat of my car. Even regular post boxes are few and far between in my neck of the woods. This would be so convenient.

Photo Credit: www.imbringingbloggingback


  1. Actually :-), if your mail is already stamped, you can do a drive-through drop at a postal distribution centre/processing plant. At least, here in the east end at the Toronto South Central Processing Plant, you can. I don't actually know about the others; I've never been to any of them except our local plant. You just drive down the designated driveway and there's a box where you can drop your mail. But, like I said, it has to already be stamped and ready to go :-)

    When it comes to the drive-through ATMs, I do not know why the keypads have braille on them. One of those things that always make me go Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

  2. I want these boxes in designated areas that are large enough to navigate. The huge parking area near my drive-thru bank is quite suitable :) They need to be in locales where people GO frequently. Costco has a huge volume of traffic, so as a for-instance, they could be in place in the peripheral areas. Yes, they do have to be stamped, but we could adjust. No?

  3. Here is another one for your list...There is drive through Drug store in Myrtle Beach. Personally I'm all for drive through, but I do love a good wonder threw the American drug store, so many more interesting and different products then we have. Drive through mail boxes would be fabulous...far better than the boxes we have now that are strategically placed in the middle of a busy street with absolutely no parking around so you must risk life, your sanity and a ticket when you double park and dash across said busy street .. Well you get my point.
    As for the
    Braille on the drive through key pads...don't get me those drivers have Braille on their turn signals too??

    PS. Aren't you glad I found my Google password :)

  4. Oh B. I know how you love the drive thru's. Come back to my hood!
    Let the fun begin now that you've found your password. So glad you drove by :)

  5. We should be walking more, ladies!

  6. Sadly, stand-alone mailboxes are becoming a thing of the past here in the US. Security concerns after 9/11 and such...most of the drive-through boxes I've seen lately are the local Post Office! At least, it beats finding a parking space and getting out of the car.

    David P

  7. Well, I don't have a drivers license, so no need for these..... and I'll admit that I wish that more people didn't drive too..... did you know that I'm anti - car??? lol

  8. Forget mailboxes and banks - don't you remember the ORIGINAL drive through burger places????? Remember being in your sweats - no makeup - just real - and a good burger???? HEAVEN!