Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Party's Over

Got in from the road trip to Chicago late last night and am singin' the blues today!

This is my post holiday - pre holiday theme song

As the song says..."It's time to wind up the masquerade, just make your mind up, the piper must be paid"..............It was SO worth it. But now I "must wake up, all dreams must end".


always comes up with the best chubby girls..remember her post back in October? She kindly gave me permission to make this girl my new mascot. I'm not even telling where I'm starting from at this point, just getting back to the Weight Watcher's Points once again. Let it be said that the dressing room lighting in Nordstrom's Chicago is terribly unkind.

The trip stories a.k.a. (eating your way across America) to follow.....


  1. I have a chubby boy if anyone needs one!

  2. I love Doris, she'll inspire us. I'll just keep walking.

  3. There go the cupcakes........

    (my word verification is that like zaftig??)

  4. Start walking, it works... And with an audiobook fun too!