Saturday, October 31, 2009

What would a visit to Chicago be without....

When you are expecting a granddaughter, thoughts turn to all things pink. After a splendid introduction to the "American Girl Place" in New York, we vowed to see all three of these amazing stores.

The day we were in the neighborhood it was pouring with rain, so this exterior photo is borrowed. All the rest of the photos are my own, so you can click on them to enlarge. In the above photo you can see the second floor tea room of this facility where Girls and their Dolls can have tea.

LaMonica had better watch out...she's yanking that doll's hair!

Not to worry, if anyone gets hurt you can always check into the doll hospital on site. That baby looks like it needs attention!

These little girls are especially proud because they have had their ears pierced, and now their dolls are getting their ears pierced today.

If you need to nip into the washroom, you'll find this delightful counter. Who wouldn't want to visit here!!?? It may be the cleanest washroom in all of Illinois.

If you are rushing and you have your doll in hand, don't worry, the stalls come complete with a handy doll holder. Whew!

When Zoe gets old enough, she might choose this doll complete with ponies!! These are amazingly well equipped dolls, and if her parents are smart they will start saving now! The Professor can rarely be lured into shops like this except when it has to do with Zoe. All I have to say now is..."Don't you want to see what I'm thinking of getting the baby???" He loved the dolls as much as I did and we can't wait to take the real little girl back to Chicago with her own dolly. Fun.

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  1. This is a wonderful adventure for both of you "Pink" thinkers.

  2. This store looks amazing. Natalie would love it especially the part with the horses. Still no baby news here but it should be any day. A boy or girl will be a blessing for all of us.

  3. The hospital dolls are a little strange, don't you think? And Zoë won't be getting the pony doll because Michael keeps buying computer accessories instead of saving up for a pony! At least she'll have an SDS reader and an external hard drive!

  4. The baby doll you bought Zoe is beautiful and the outfit is so cute. It will be a precious moment when you and The Professor meet Zoe and present her with this very special gift.

  5. Okay I will have to dig out the pictures of sweet Maddy wearing her plastic purple heals, tiara crowning her curls, glittery fairy dress, and rosy makeup cheeks playing mommy to Itty Bitty Baby. Did you check out the Itty Bitty Baby? I quarantee Zoe will spend hours feeding, changing diapers, strolling her Itty Bitty Baby precious memories. You have to start Zoe with Itty Bitty Baby. Maddy is fourteen and Itty Bitty Baby has a special spot in her room...missing an arm but still her favorite special baby.

  6. I love the professor by the way...he goes to great lengths to wheel and deal tea cups for his niece and great niece, shops for his grandaughter at the American Girl Store, and dances the night away with his Ginger. Hats off to the professor.