Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chapter Five. Decisions, Decisions.........

A few more classmates working on their ambitious projects. Janice will have a lovely wing back when she's done.

Liz, tacking away.

Eve is one of the stars in the class. I think this is her 50th. chair!!!

Most decisions are reached by consensus. Evelyn YELLS for everyone to come, and she means EVERYONE, drop what you are doing and gather round. Everyone puts in his or her ideas and usually the end result is the right one.

There is of course a lot of this visiting your neighbour. Evelyn scurries around from one project to another, and with each piece being completely different there is a lot of deliberating to do. It's a great group and we have a lot of fun in this class.


  1. Yes we are very cheery Lennie. Except when we aren't, and that happens on occasion when we make decisions
    without Evelyn.