Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chapter One. Irenka's Big Idea.

A few years ago when Irenka and I were out attending yet another inspirational "show" we came across a very interesting Upholstery class. Up until this year, Irenka had been threatening me with starting classes and this fall, push came to shove. We decided to start about footstools? Something funky! We have old antique cheese boxes that would do the trick. In a previous post I told the story of the switch to the alternate design.

Irenka and the Turtle.

Work begins.

The pneumatic stapler applying the edge roll.

Our teacher Evelyn loves this turtle!

At this point Irenka has stripped off the old covering, finished the wood, applied felt and horsehair and is now building up the shape with batting.

Every time you get something put together, Evelyn does the lean-on-it-trick to make sure it is firm enough. This is my favourite shot of her. I love the way she loves her work.


  1. I love the way she loves her work as well.

  2. Great stool design. Perfect for new grandchildren?

  3. Oh my, I can't wait for the next chapters!