Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter Two. The Anatomy of the Chair.

Everyone in the class is working on a different project. The focus of Evelyn's teaching is the use of traditional methods of upholstery using natural materials. You won't find cheap foam seats in this class. The theory: If you find something you like in a furniture it. If you are restoring and have something unique (antiques) then this class is for you.

The Before and After. The chair on the left has the original covering and the one on the right is following the same pattern.

Mixing the new trend to black paint with the old technique...sewing the burlap foundation.

The sign of a real antique...copper coils.

Copper coils require many hands to position and secure.

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  1. Love the photos, they illustrate the class so well. Everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves!
    (My word verification is mismisre...sounds french to me, or perhaps "miss misery", that's not cheery! LOL)