Monday, November 9, 2009

Late addition post. Pictures taken with my iPhone

Courtesy of a posting by Michael deMeng (my niece attends school in Missoula), Lennie alerted me to an "app" called "Toy Camera". Today I played with my new Toy Camera on the random setting.

I love the vignette feature. Makes it look like you've been Photoshopping all day long!

Pretty good quality for a phone camera n'est pas?

I figure with my iPhone [which includes an iPod, camera, compass, directions to the nearest Tim Hortons, world clocks, and photoshop apps], along with my Sirius Radio, if I could get the Keurig Coffee machine hooked up in the vehicle, I'd officially be a travelin' band!


  1. My word verification is imereste ... I figure that must be perhaps Italian for SO INTERESTING! The photos are tremendous. Have you downloaded any more apps?
    We can get the Keurig to work in the car; we just need those power converters. The captain has one.

  2. And if we could put a TV in your car I'd be able to watch something other than "Dancing with the Stars" on the big TV in the living room. :-)

  3. When did you get an iPhone???!!!

  4. I want one of these. It's almost like you don't need anything else in life. You can carry around everything on/in your phone. Next, iPhones will be actually serving us dinner.