Monday, November 2, 2009

New use for exercise ball

In my exercise classes, which of late I have been very remiss in attending, whenever we hear that the instructor is going to use the ball, there is a collective groan. Everyone hates the ball...well, most everyone. The balls we use are much much bigger, but we do have these small ones as well. Apparently we've been doing all the wrong moves in our classes. Here is some inspiration!

What an amazing young woman!

I am still coughing my head off, so I'm not in class, but I think watching this counts. Just so that you know Devon, I'll be doing this in next week's class:)

Thanks to Gigi


  1. Isn't she incredible? I've got to work in some of that ball work into our classes! Sorry to hear you are still coughing and won't be back yet. I guess no tapping either :(


  2. Wow I see some new fitness moves coming up. Oh well that's much better then those large balls which I hate. Sorry to hear that you are still coughing. Feel better soon.

  3. Only thing is, you must wear that same exact outfit, Leslie.


  4. Please, do post your ball routine may become quite famous.