Sunday, January 31, 2010

Windows of Ghent

Town Square

The dolls on the chairs drew me to this window. Reflection of the photographer.

Graventsteen Castle

Design Museum

Fallen Angels shop. I was so unhappy that it was closed this day! Look at the postcards and the vintage "stuff"!! It might be worth a trip back to Ghent.

If there ever was a better description of a "windoor" as Henry calls them....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday in Ghent

Thursday is upholstery day. This week, I happened to be thinking about my class while viewing a few pieces that they would all dearly love to get their hands on. This post is for Evelyn, Irenka, Cristina, Grace and Janice and all the other women in the class. Hope you are having fun this term. Thinking of you all while here.

Details from the Design Museum in Ghent.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zoë greets her guest

Yesterday a parcel from Aunties Dana and Judith arrived with two beautifully hand knit (by Dana) sweaters and a box of fancy "Mary Jane" socks in assorted colours. Since one of Mummy's colleagues was visiting this afternoon, Zoë decided to dress up in her newest outfit. It's hard to find things that fit exactly, but this was a real hit, and as you can see by her smile, she was pleased with her choice.

With the red pants that she chose, and the socks up to her knees, she looked like a little Prussian soldier. It was a great outfit to wear for her favourite song....
Guess who sings this and marches with her
We ALL do!!!

All that marching and singing is enough to put a girl to sleep. Thankfully. Last night was one of those nights...every hour...poor Mummy and Daddy. That's when grandparents can make meatloaf.

The pictures are in low light today, no flash, because everyone was needing quiet and naps. I'll do a better job later, but wanted you to enjoy the shenanigans.

Auntie Dana may never again claim not to being a knitter, and we can tell that Auntie Judy will be available for Stuart Weitzman shoe shopping!

What we would have missed

If we had disembarked (I'm using this word because I don't know if "gotten off" is correct English!) at the Central Station instead of the North Station this is what we would have missed. Despite the bitterly cold wind, I managed to hold on to my purse camera while taking these on the fly. It was soooo cold!!! Even the statues were frozen.

This bell clock gave us the most wonderful concert and told us to get inside and have a wonderful hot luncheon. Read: when we are out we always have dinner at noon, best value and great sitting time in Europe.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An adventure today

Not to be deterred by the raging wind and sub zero temperatures, the intrepids set off to learn how to take a train from the tiny village of Herent to the big town of Brussels. Yesterday we scouted out the station, the parking, the schedule and the route we would take. This time,prior to boarding, we signaled by raising our hands that we required a ticket. As usual, no one came, so the ride into town was free. We won't be so lucky again. Made a slight logistical error and got off at the North station. Had we made one more stop, we would have been warmer, and more central, but we would have missed a lot of good things.

This is what we came to see. At the Museum of Ancient Art. The art of Bruegel, and the other low country painters. This particular piece is our favourite. "Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap."

But THIS one is truly fascinating.

You just have to look and look at it to see all the details. It's so "fantastical" that you are drawn in by it's total inventiveness. Easy to see where some modern day ideas come from with this.

This is a wonderful blog entry that you might enjoy with a good synopsis of the work.
[Make sure to click on the music and then the picture and try and see all the details. It's not like being there, but it will peak your imagination.]

This was an amazing collection with Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jacques-Louis David.

I must have had a very good history teacher, because I never forgot about Charlotte Corday killing Marat in a bathtub.

Credits:;;and Wikipedia

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some days.....

Sometimes it's just so hard being a baby. You have so much adult training to do. Just when you think you've got them on a routine, they decide to change things. It's all a little much some days. Sheesh.

Today will be spent recharging batteries. Literally. So many batteries. Cell phones, few converters!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Quiet Day

Michael was off to work at 6 a.m. today, the Professor and I had to vacate early so that the cleaners could come in. We had a wonderful cozy day listening to music, dancing with babies, playing board games, watching movies and finally ordering Chinese Food for dinner.

This sums up the mood of today. Everyone is so in love with this baby and it touches my very soul to see my beautiful daughter with her sweet sweet child in her arms.

After a perfectly quiet day, and an effortless drive, we arrived home to a change of bedding. I'll have to get Giovanna to translate. The duvet says one thing and then you lift up to see a different inscription on the pillow.

It's very late here now. Good night and sweet dreams everyone.

Friday, January 22, 2010

On the trail

After being alerted to reading the post "Lost World" at The Neo Lifestyle, I was determined to find this cemetery in Brussels. Today the sun was shining and and we had some time in the afternoon, so off we ventured. I must say that we were lucky to get there in the conventional way...we could have ended up there permanently after the route we took. Hills, narrow streets, speed, roundabouts, construction, in a word Brussels.

Just wander with us and listen to Philippe Hirshhorn who I was surprised to find here.

These ceramic flower wreaths are something I have never seen in North America

Phillippe Hirschhorn

This type of picture is also quite prevalent. What an interesting process, considering their age.

So vibrant, you might think them real

I can't thank The Neo Lifestyle enough for this wonderful enlightenment. I am on the trail of all of his Brussel's postings. Next time though, I'm taking public transit :)