Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back it up a few days.....

Finally a bit of time to get the pictures off the camera and onto the computer. All is well chez Jane and Michael. Little Zoë came home from hospital today. She has gained weight and passed all the tests to start life in her new little home. Not sure if the cats are as taken with her as are the rest of us, but even they enjoy some of her new furniture!

We arrived in Paris on our way to Brussels. Spent the day prior to just making one of the last trains (huge snow storms) walking all over the city. Since we had our luggage in the Gare du Nord station, we took this advantage to walk up to Sacre Coeur. WAAAAY UP. Remember Amélie???

It was a brilliant day, but very cold and windy.  We were lucky that it did not snow until later that night. Just in time for Carmi's arrival. We missed each other by one day.

Even in winter the carousel keeps running, waiting for Lennie

This is what I call a Nancy fence

This is going to make Irenka VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!  Who knew that at the bottom of the hill was the fabric district that we had heard about in upholstery class.  3 Metres ought to do it Irenka!!!

A bird's eye view of Paris ....Oooh la la!


  1. The photos are AMAZING! So glad you got in a little Paris time :-)

  2. Yes indeed 3 meters ought to do it. Imagine finding that without any help from you know who.

  3. Hi,
    I want to go to Paris now !!

    Congrats to the little sweetheart. She's lovely. I can understand your happiness.


  4. Madeline is green with envy....someday Maddy some day...beautiful pictures

  5. Living vicariously through you. Keep the photos coming.

  6. Glad you got to enjoy a bit of Paris. The photos are great as always.
    I am also so glad that all is well with little Zoe, and that she is at home now.