Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Day Out in Leuven

There are no words. Just come along with us on a sunny day to Leuven. The sun is shining in Belgium!!! We hardly spoke the entire day, just mouths agape in wonderment. Let's start out at the train station 5 minutes from our house, and end up in Leuven exactly 10 minutes later.

I've always been obsessed with clocks. Yes, you must visit here some day.

Tomorrow will be our day with Zoë. In accordance with being a baby, the schedule changed a little today. It was a good day to be out in the sun, but we missed seeing our little one.


  1. look awesome.Just an FYI, Natalka came back from Paris with grain sacks.

  2. Did you ask here where she got them? What is she planning on doing with them? What are you working on?

  3. You must go and check out Brugge. Out of this world!!

  4. Great shots. Makes me want to travel some more. Thanks for sharing

  5. Utter charm at every corner, such great photos. Here's a silly little request - any chance you might take a photo or 2 of some pastry/chocolate shop windows? I'll try not to drool on my keyboard...

  6. great shots!
    love the professor hotel and the door with the candles

  7. Sorry we haven't been able to chat for a couple of days. Thanks for the restaurant tips. The pictures are wonderful....

  8. Beautiful photos Leslie. Don't you love the tall skinny houses and fabulous architecture? I think you need to get some Wellies while you are there.

  9. The house with bicycle on the Groot Begijnhof...
    MY house during studies in Leuven
    Nice to see again, thanks